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A Tool for Observation

Nature journaling enriches our experiences in the natural world by developing our skills of observation.  As we pay attention, even our ordinary surroundings become a place of wonder and investigation.  A nature journal is a tool to capture this process.


What is nature journaling?

A Tool for Health 

Focused attention causes our minds and bodies to calm and reset.  Spending time in nature has been shown to increase  physical and mental health.  Meaningful connection to nature and time outdoors is also linked to healthy child development.  Nature journaling  also contributes to the health of our environment. Individuals experience connections to their surroundings that can lead to efforts towards conservation of species and ecosystems. 


Nature Journaling is NOT:

Nature journaling is NOT about a focus on making art or "pretty pictures".  Drawing skills can improve over time with practice but diagrams, words and numbers are also meaningful ways to record observations and discoveries.


5 Steps for creating a nature journal page!

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